Womens Athletic Wear Is Available in Many Different Styles and Sizes

Womens athletic wear is available in many different styles and sizes, with everything from top name brands to locally-made products. However, the average consumer may not know the impact her purchase has on the community. A positive message or a simple word of encouragement can make a difference. For instance, a line of activewear called Mind in Motion promotes empowerment through personal ideals.

Tank tops are one popular option in women’s athletic wear. They feature wide armholes and neck holes for air flow, and are an excellent choice for a workout wardrobe. Women can also find sleeveless shirts that are perfect for athletic events. Another popular style of tops is the muscle shirt, also known as a shooter shirt in the United States. It was popular during the 1980s and was traditionally associated with bodybuilders, surfers, and gym enthusiasts.


Sports bras offer different levels of support. Some are designed for low impact activities, such as yoga or barre class, while others are made for high-impact workouts. Some types feature adjustable straps and provide more support. Other types are made of moisture-wicking material to keep the wearer comfortable and dry.

Lilly Pulitzer is another brand that specializes in country club sports, but offers athletic clothing for any sport. Its athletic line, Luxletic, is made of UPF 50 fabric and has gorgeous, colorful prints. And it fits a wide variety of women’s sizes.

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