Where to Buy Mushrooms in Toronto

buy mushrooms toronto

Buy mushrooms toronto the hallucinogenic chemical psilocybin, which were used for thousands of years in spiritual and religious rituals and gained popularity among 1960s and 1970s counter culture seekers of psychedelic enlightenment. Today, they are used by scientists studying psychedelic medicine and by people seeking out a holistic way to heal and grow.

The newest place to buy mushrooms toronto is a store called Fun Guyz, which sells a variety of products from mushroom-infused coffee to “Penis Envy” capsules that are supposed to cause euphoria or a milder body high without the hallucinations and intense experience of taking a full dose of shrooms. The owners of Fun Guyz say they are challenging the status quo on magic mushrooms in the same way marijuana shops are being challenged in other parts of Canada.

The Toronto Shroom Experience: From Foraging to Microdosing

But the city of Toronto says it won’t use its powers to shut down the shop, which is open to anyone over age 18 who can show ID and is willing to pay a $10 fee. The store is legally operating in a grey area because possession of mushrooms is illegal, but it isn’t a criminal offense.

A police raid in November led to the seizure of a large quantity of dried and edible mushrooms. But the shop has since reopened. In the meantime, residents of the city can enjoy a mushroom-infused coffee at Strange Love Cafe or take a stroll through one of the city’s parks to connect with nature and get in touch with their feelings. But the city warns people to always be safe, use in a comfortable setting with friends and stay sober when taking mushrooms.

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