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Jaguar’s E-Type – the famous XKE – ECD Automotive Design is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. But, like any classic car, it’s important to approach it with educated caution. A rare example of a classic will only be worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and values have been going up and down in recent years.

To make sure their new cars were authentically recreated Jaguar Heritage used a state-of-the-art digital scanning system to record the outer and inner surface of each Lightweight bodyshell down to a fraction of a millimetre. This was then assessed by the Jaguar technicians who were involved in constructing the originals. The result is that each reborn E-Type has been restored according to its original 1960s factory specification.

From Garage to Glory: The Art of E-Type Jaguar Restorations

The team also digitised the rear bodywork of each car and the front end of the convertible – and these have been restored to be as close as possible to their original state. The result is a new series of 12 cars that look as close as they can be to the originals but are built using modern materials and techniques.

The etype jaguar buids will be available to purchase in the Jaguar Classic 60 Collection later this year. Each car will be restored to its correct 1960s specification and fitted with the original 3.8-litre engine, which is designed to offer a more consistent and reliable drive.

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