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The best new york psychiatrist is a dedicated professional who can provide care that meets your unique needs. Find a psychiatrist near you and learn more about their experience, education, awards, and more to help make an informed decision. You can also read feedback from other patients to ensure you choose the right psychiatrist for you.

How much is therapy in NY?

Throughout his career, he has treated adults with various psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorder, PTSD, and depression. He approaches appointments with patience and empathy, taking the time to fully understand his patients for a truly collaborative approach to treatment.

Having served within multiple hospital healthcare systems, including the New York Presbyterian and Lifespan (Brown University) hospitals, Dr. Akeem Mobolaji Aribara is able to draw from a wealth of clinical and research expertise to treat a wide array of psychiatric conditions. He provides a down-to-earth and practical approach to patient care while offering the latest scientifically proven treatments.

He uses his knowledge and experience to build trusting therapeutic relationships with his patients so that they can work together to achieve the health and well-being they deserve.

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