Tennis Court Maintenance Routines

Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance involves daily routines that keep your courts at optimal performance and condition. These routines only take a few minutes each day and involve brushing and watering. These daily routines will ensure that your court stays free of dirt, debris, and weeds.

Weeds are not only unsightly but they can also damage and shorten the life of your court surfaces. Ideally weeds should be treated with a herbicide before they become established. This will prevent them from re-growing once they are pulled.

Standing water can damage and stain the surface. It can also create extra abrasion on the surfaces and cause the surfacing materials to break down more quickly.

Understanding the Impact of Weather on Tennis Court Maintenance

Drainage systems are an essential part of your court construction and should be inspected regularly to make sure that they are functioning properly. A well-functioning drainage system will channel excess water away from the courts and prevent problems like water damage, mold growth, and erosion.

Inspect your court’s drainage system for any clogs or blockages and clear them as needed. Grass and plant growth next to the courts should be trimmed to keep it away from the surface.

Cracks and damage to your court surface should be repaired as soon as possible. Depending upon the severity of the cracking and a review of the site conditions, repair may include resurfacing the courts incorporating various methods such as geotextile membranes or stone slip-sheet and reconstruction of the court subbase.

Using the ARMOR Crack Repair system is an excellent choice for this type of repair. Unlike other crack repair systems, ARMOR spreads the stress of the crack over an expansive area of expandable fabric. This allows for the crack to move and flex without damaging the court surface or causing the crack to widen.

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