Online Games – Entertainment at the Click of a Button

Online games address a UFABETcompany human need: entertainment at the click of a button. From listless commuters to people waiting in the dentist’s chair, a quick game can help us to occupy time that we would otherwise spend doing nothing. From simple video games played in a web browser to the latest massively multiplayer shooters, there are online games to suit every age and interest.

Online gaming also challenges the brain in different ways. For adults, the complex thinking and problem-solving skills involved in strategy games can improve a person’s ability to think on their feet and solve real-world issues. For children, the racy fantasy worlds and immersive narratives of many online games can help to develop their imagination, reasoning and logic.

Many online games also offer social interaction. Through chatting with other players in real-time, building gaming communities and playing together, gamers build both casual and meaningful relationships. This is especially true of the largest multiplayer games, which can become their own subcultures.

Whether they are battling it out in PUBG or learning to use their guns in Apex Legends, the social aspect of online games is an increasingly important feature that is helping to draw gamers of all ages back to their screens. As a result, it is crucial that parents, carers and trusted adults understand what online gaming is so they can support their child or young person to play safely. Our free webinar, presented by broadcaster Myleene Klass and developed in conjunction with our expert Heather Cardwell, practising online safety lead who is CE-OP trained, is an ideal place to start.

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