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music academy singapore lvl music academy

If you are planning to learn the piano or the guitar, then you might want to consider enrolling your child in a music teacher singapore. LVL Music Academy has teachers with high levels of training and offers comprehensive instruction in a range of instruments. The school also offers programmes for violin, saxophone, drums, guitar, and ukulele. Budding singers will also find the singing programmes at this academy very helpful.

Many Other Advantages To Studying At A Music Academy

LVL Music Academy is run by Janice Lee, who is an ex-member of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra. She also represented Singapore in Aberdeen, Scotland, and has since worked for various orchestras and schools as a violin teacher. Alan, who graduated from Victoria University as a mechanical engineer, oversees LVL Music Academy’s marketing. His background as a web developer and digital marketer greatly benefits LVL Music Academy’s marketing strategy.

A 45-minute music lesson is most common for adults and teenagers, but children can attend an hour-long class to maximize their learning. For younger children, 45-minute music classes are suitable. However, for adults, 60-minute classes are more appropriate for advanced learners with longer attention spans. Moreover, some music academies offer group classes for kids or online lessons for adults.

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