How to Use a Bubbler for Weed

bubblers for weed

Bubblers are a great way to enjoy weed, combining the portability of a bong with the extra filtration of a pipe. But there’s a lot to know about bubblers, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

How to Use a Bubbler for Weed

First, find out whether your bubblers for weed has a carb hole or not. If it does, you’ll cover it with your thumb or forefinger while smoking, then remove it to release the smoke once it’s collected.

Fill Your Bubbler With Water

The amount of water you should add to a bubbler depends on the design and size of the piece. Larger pieces will require more water than smaller ones. Generally, you just need enough to produce bubbles, but not so much that it splashes into the mouthpiece or bowl.

The Best Bubblers for Smoking Weed: A Comprehensive Guide

Now that you’ve got your bubbler, it’s time to get some weed inside of it. The process of loading up your bubbler is a little bit different from packing a joint or bowl with weed, but it’s still easy to do.

How to Fill Your Bubbler with Weed

To load your weed, take some ground up cannabis and pack it into the bowl portion of your bubbler. Be sure not to pack it too tight, as this will make it harder to get good airflow.

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