From Mansions to Modest Abodes – Celebrity Residences

from mansions to modest abodes  celebrity residences

From Mansions to Modest Abodes – Celebrity Residences

The homes of from mansions to modest abodes – celebrity residences on everything from home improvement shows to the hit reality series Cribs, but not all of them are mansions. In fact, some A-list stars have passed up mind-blowing celebrity houses to find simpler abodes, and their new homes are just as charming — just more affordable.

Take Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, for example. The rocker moved out of his Studio City, Calif., home in 2014 for a more modest pad that’s surrounded by lush trees and features a wall of Wisteria-covered doors that open to a large veranda. Wentz’s 4,000-square-foot retreat sounds pretty fancy by Los Angeles standards, but compared to what other celebrities spend on their houses (it would take an average American more than three million years to buy Jeff Bezos’ house, for instance), it’s practically a bargain.

From Mansions to Modest Abodes: A Glimpse into Celebrity Residences

Of the 128 celebrity homes studied by House Digest, 91.7% included a swimming pool, but it’s not the only way celebrities like to stay active. Almost a quarter of the celebrity homes included a tennis court, and nearly two in five had a gym or exercise room. And the rest? Among the most unique celebrity home features we found were a bowling alley, an oxygen therapy room, and an underground vault.

Scroll down to see the homes of a few more celebrities who have decided to downsize from lavish mansions to modest abodes. And don’t worry, they’re not living in shabby digs — even though some of these homes may look like fixer-uppers, all are well-appointed and comfortable.

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