EB-1 Green Card Requipements Explained

If you have a degree in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, there is a good chance that you can qualify for an eb1 green card requipements explained. This is because the EB-1 visa category is open to people who have contributed in an original and significant way to their fields. Congress has divided the EB-1 green card into three subcategories: aliens of extraordinary ability (EB1A), outstanding professors and researchers (EB-1B) and multinational executives or managers transferred permanently to the United States from a foreign branch, affiliate or subsidiary company (EB1C).

What are the conditions for EB-1 Green Card?

The first subcategory of the EB-1 green card is for individuals with sustained national or international acclaim. USCIS defines this as having “recognized achievements in the field of science, art, education, business or athletics, demonstrating such achievement through substantial evidence.”

To meet the requirement of having sustained national or international acclaim, you need to show that you have exhibited remarkable talent and accomplishment in your chosen field of expertise and that it has been recognized throughout the world. This is a high legal standard that has been met in only a small number of cases.

After determining that you have met three of the 10 regulatory requirements, USCIS will evaluate your application based on the evidence submitted to them. The most common form of evidence is receipt of a prestigious international award for your work. However, if you have not won a major internationally recognized prize, there is no reason to despair; USCIS has established that, in these circumstances, meeting any of the remaining criteria would suffice.

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