Double and Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Designs Extend the Life of Your Pipework

triple offset butterfly valves

triple offset butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that isolate, regulate and inaugurate flow in a piping system. They are commonly used in a variety of industrial applications such as district heating and cooling systems, chemical processing plants, fluid transportation networks and power generation facilities.

A typical butterfly valve is made from metal and has a soft seat that requires line pressure to deform and seal. This type of valve is not ideally suited for harsh or corrosive liquid and gas applications where the seat experiences heavy wear and tear. To address this issue, BM Engineering Supplies offers double and triple-offset butterfly valves that negate these challenges and extend the life of your piping system.

How Do These Valve Designs Work?

The triple offset butterfly valve (TOV) has three separate points of offset that create a cone-type geometry between the valve disc and valve seat. This eliminates all friction between the two components until the point of full seating is achieved as a mechanical stop and ensures repeatable sealing every time. This design also allows for a metal-to-metal seal without an elastomeric element.

In addition, a TOV features a one-piece shaft to maximize robustness and withstand the high-pressure loads encountered in many piping environments. The key advantage of TOVs is their ability to operate with zero leakage even under extreme conditions, including temperature, abrasion and corrosion. To achieve this, TOVs utilize Stellite grade 21 seats and resilient seal ring in Duplex for strength, hardness and resistance to abrasion and erosion.

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