Different Types of Children’s Outdoor Play Flooring

outdoor play flooring

The surface of your outdoor play flooring plays a huge part in ensuring your children’s safety. There are a variety of different surfaces available and each comes with its own advantages and benefits. One of the most popular is wetpour rubber crumb surfacing. It is available in a variety of colours and can be designed to create a bespoke design for your playground area.

Other options for children’s outdoor flooring include a honeycomb grass mat. This type of children’s surfacing is installed directly onto grass and can meet CFH requirements for equipment that has been tested to HIC testing. This type of children’s playground flooring is ideal for muddy areas and allows the natural appearance to remain with added safety qualities.

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Alternatively, you can choose to use modular sport tiles. These tiles are easy to assemble and are suitable for a range of ball and sports games. They are also water permeable, which means that they allow rainwater to drain quickly from the surface and away from the feet of your children. This prevents the hazard of pooling water which can create a slip hazard.

Another option is to opt for a bark floor for your children’s outdoor play area. This type of surfacing is not only natural, but it can help to enhance the imagination of your pupils. For example, it can be used to replicate a winding path through a woodland, or even a mythical fairy tale land. The impact-absorbing qualities of this type of surfacing are great and it will also look fantastic in your school garden.

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