Calculating the Warehouse Rental Cost

Warehouses have become a favorite spot for events, from weddings to birthday parties. The open space and rustic ambiance make these venues an ideal option for brands looking to host a unique experience. With thousands of warehouse venues listed on Peerspace in cities around the world, finding one to suit your needs is simple.

What type of industry is warehouse?

However, renting or leasing warehouse storage can be a costly endeavor depending on the size and location of the facility. As such, it’s important to understand and calculate the Warehouse rental cost before signing a lease agreement.

The simplest way to break down the warehouse rental cost is by evaluating the three primary components – floor area (measured in square feet), base rental rate, and estimated operating costs. The base rental rate is a fixed price per square foot that will be paid to the landlord each month or year. Generally, the higher the floor area is in the warehouse, the more expensive it will be to rent.

Estimated operating costs are additional fees that will be paid to the property owner to cover a range of services including insurance, taxes, and utilities. These are typically paid through either a triple net or common area maintenance (CAM) structure, but can also be bundled into the base rental rate.

The final step in calculating the warehouse rental cost is dividing the total annual rate by the number of months or years that you are planning on leasing. This will give you a monthly or annual rate to start with that you can compare against your budget and alternative options for warehouse storage.

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