Boom Lift Certification – Learn the Basics of Using an Aerial Work Platform

A boom lift certification is a type of aerial work platform that allows employees to reach difficult-to-reach areas. These high-level machines can be found on construction sites, in warehouses, at retail stores and even at some sporting events to help set up or tear down lighting fixtures. However, like other pieces of heavy machinery, they pose significant safety risks if not properly used and maintained. That’s why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets strict requirements for anyone using these types of lifts.

One of the first things workers who are considering operating or riding on a boom lift should do is enroll in a training program that will teach them the proper safety procedures and guidelines for this equipment. Taking an online course, such as this one, is a quick and convenient way to ensure that any worker who will be using a boom lift will have the necessary skills to operate it safely and avoid accidents.

Taking Flight Safely: Essential Aerial Lift Certification

Boom lifts, which are also called mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) or aerial work platforms (AWPs), are involved in dozens of workplace accidents every year. Most of these accidents involve falls and lifts tipping over or collapsing, which can be deadly for the workers onboard. In order to reduce these hazards, it’s crucial that employers provide all employees who use a boom lift with proper training and certification.

This online boom lift training program teaches students the basics of using an aerial lift, including how to inspect and maintain the machine. It also covers the specialized features of specific lift models and addresses important topics like navigating the machine, proper operating techniques and emergency protocols. After completing the online training portion of this course, students will complete a hands-on evaluation with an OSHA-certified trainer and receive their official certification card.

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