Beekeeper’s Guide To The Oz Armour Bee Sting Protection

oz armour

OZ ARMORY is an established brand with a history dating back over 30 years. The company believes that protection should be available for all who wish to protect their family, home, or business. The product is designed to protect against heat, abrasion, dust, snow, rain, UV rays, dirt, dust, and vibration. OZ ARMORY beekeeping protective gear has been lodged in Australia in January 2021 and is the leading brand within Australia, New Zealand, Italy, UK, Germany, and the USA. OZ ARMORY is built from the best heavy-duty polyester fabric and will endure for many years. The product line is designed to include a protective layer for your hive, beekeeper hat, jacket, gloves, veil, smoker, and wax mask.

The Truth About Beekeeper’s Guide To The Oz Armour Bee Sting Protection

The front zipper area of the beekeeping suit comes with Velcro closure on the front and a snap closure on the rear. The protective beekeeping suit covers the entire body including the face, chest, shoulders, legs, waist, and feet. The high visibility mesh side mesh is equipped with reflective strips which are visible from several meters away. The beekeeper suit comes with an attached pair of gloves and a protective bee veil.

When you wear the oz armour bee sting protective barrier, you can effectively reduce your chances of bee stings. The protective mesh offers superior airflow and ventilation that reduces the sting sites and increases the chance of less painful bee stings. In addition to this, the mesh is fully machine washable and includes an attached polypropylene protective pouch to easily store and transport the unit.

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