Athletic Fit Menswear For Muscular Men

Athletic Fit Menswear

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The right pair of jeans can do wonders for your wardrobe. They can elevate your casual ensembles and work well with a crisp tee or chunky knitwear. They can even make your workouts more comfortable if you opt for a pair of jeans with enough room in the thigh and seat. But finding that pair that fits perfectly can be challenging. The good news is that there are a few brands on the market that have gotten smart about creating a fit that’s perfect for guys with muscular builds.

Men with Tailored Athlete  build often find that slim fits feel tight in the chest and arms and that their buttons “gap” at the waist. They also might find that traditional fits flap around the torso and look baggy. This is where athletic fits come in.

The Comfort Revolution: Athletic Fit Trousers for Men

If you follow strongmen on social media, you’ve likely seen World’s Strongest Man competitors Martins Licis and Nick Best promoting Barbell Apparel, a brand that started out in workout gear but now makes dress shirts for athletic dudes. One of the reasons this brand stands out is because they offer a stretch fit that’s flattering and comfortable for guys who bench press once a week or more.

Another option is Teddy Stafford, a company that makes tailored shirts for athletes. Their stretch fit sits between a slim fit and a muscle fit and is designed to show off your physique while providing a full range of motion. Their shirts are made from fabric that’s wrinkle resistant, anti-odor, and designed to repel sweat. The shirt is also preshrunk to ensure that it looks good the moment you put it on.

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